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Nearby Baby's mission is to provide quality postpartum support to families with a newborn in the Charlottesville area, regardless of their ability to pay. This service will help to promote a healthy start for baby and a smooth transition for the family.

This Mother's Day campaign is a First Birthday celebration for Nearby Baby; letting the world know that support is now available for all families in need. By Mother's Day we hope to raise $10,000. All donations are tax deductible!

Nearby Baby offers professional, experienced care for local  families in the Charlottesville area community after birth. We achieve this by first providing quality postpartum doula training and practical experience for women. We then send these trained doulas to homes in their nearby communities to support mothers, much like the way a village once cared for and nurtured its newest members and their families.

Doulas help in many ways such as breast feeding support, understanding a baby's needs and development, by providing a family time needed for self care and rest, by insuring baby safety, and more. This fundraiser will continue to make these valuable doula services available to all families in Charlottesville, regardless of income.  It will also continue to make the doula training possible, empowering women to support their neighboring families with each new birth. 

Sponsor a doula: $500 trains and prepares one postpartum doula for her valuable service.
Sponsor a family: $850 funds a complete 6-week postpartum doula package for one family. 

The postpartum period often catapults families into an unfamiliar and overwhelmingly unsupported world. Many parents quickly discover they have little knowledge of how to care for themselves and their newborn and little capacity to juggle the accumulation of responsibility. Postpartum doulas are available for hire, in many communities, to help with this huge transition, though numerous barriers, financially and culturally, inhibit access to this invaluable resource.

Nearby Baby is a model which incorporates within-community, peer-to-peer care. In addition, our training for doulas weaves in essential information about early child development in the Montessori framework among others. Doulas and therefore families will thus have an understanding of how to provide for each stage of their infants' development.

We have trained doulas from a cross-section of communities in the Charlottesville area who are actively providing services to members of their communities.

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La misión de Nearby Baby es brindar apoyo de calidad durante el periodo de post parto a las familias con un bebé recién nacido en el área de Charlottesville, independientemente de si cuenta o no de recursos económicos. Este servicio ayudará a asegurar un comienzo saludable para el bebé y una transición sin problemas para la familia.

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